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Our vision is

to create, construct and maintain the place where man meets nature. As left cannot be without right and north cannot be without south, man cannot be without nature. We understand design. We understand gardening. We understand construction. We want to serve our clients with who we are. We are a complement to our beloved industry.

Our mission is

  • To relate passion through garden design, installation and maintenance
  • To relate our understanding of the basic laws of nature, what we put in is what the garden will give back
  • To relate our training and understanding of gardening that is achieved by training and observation.

 Code of conduct

  • Respectfully, considerate and friendly behaviour towards other people the public, colleagues, employer and clients
  • Respectfully and considerate behaviour towards property or possessions that does not belong to me. 
  • Respectfully and considerate behaviour towards myself and Garden Gate by keeping a clean and neat appearance and always having a enthusiastic approach toward my work.
  • Respectfully adherence to the GG codes of practices as they are listed in the service contract


Open a new Garden Gate with us and consider the services we offer 

Garden Consultation

Garden Design

Garden Construction

Specialised Maintenance

Garden Consultation

1hour visitation with on the spot discussion about: Plant selection, design ideas to create a theme for the garden and to establish rhythm leading eyes and feet into the garden. Sound advice on all general horticultural practice. For example tree pruning or pest control.

R600/1,5 hour includes a conclusive(max. 500 word) email, capturing the main points of discussion during the meeting for later reverence. Travel time included.

Garden Design

The Garden Design will be to realistic scale dimensions. It will be used to calculate construction cost specified in The construction Phases of the Garden.  The plan will be in 3D and full colour to illustrate the style and dimensional effect of the proposed changes to the landscape.  It could serve as the master Plan whereby the Garden Construction will be executed in several Phases.  This will not include a planting plan.

Minimum rate of R3 000.00 & Includes all services specified in the Design Proses below.

 Design Process
  • First meeting 60 min on site, (Site Plan supplied by Client), or drawn up by GardenGate.
  • Design Questionnaire can be done by email or in person, 30min.
  • Client must supply Design team with 5 inspirational images. We often use websites like: ‘houzz’ and ‘Pinterest’. These images must help to communicate the client’s personal style and the character and functionality of their house and garden to the design team.
  • On site plotting and measurements to include all important landscape elements that are not shown on the provided site plan like trees, paving lines and garden sheds.
  • Second meeting 60 min design proposal discussion.
  • Final Design submission.

Changes after this point will be charged at R275 per hour for redesign and R500 per 60min consultation.

Garden Construction

This is where the real magic happens, seeing the vision coming into being and experiencing it grow around you.

Consultation cost is absorbed in Design cost. The design cost is absorbed in the Construction cost. We can also just say that a construction Project includes the design proses as described earlier in this document.

Every construction contract is tailor made according to the Garden Design. Project budget will be part of the very first discussion as a major design guideline.

Specialised Garden Maintenance

The following rate is a guideline only. Please request a quotation following a consultation.

Guideline Rates are:  R2000 to R3000 labour rate per day for a monthly visit or ……… per day for 2 visits per month. The labour rate excludes the materials used but includes the removal of all organic waste we generate during the day.

Task list for this specialised service: Weeding, composting, fertilising and pruning. Seasonal planting. Pot plant maintenance. Irrigation maintenance. Cleaning. Clearing. Tree pruning to reasonable ht. Small transplants and revamps. Specialised pruning. Our day rate includes the removal of all the organic material we gather during our working day.

For example the team may receive a list of instructions  on a monthly service ass follows:

  • From our Poison Box:   Cypermetrin for all Aggies and Clivia’s, Plant Care for Roses, Viricop all Alloe’s, Insect granules for all Roses, Olive trees and Conifer’s, Khoinor all Citrus, Malathion all White fly infestation and Snail ban the Veggie Garden.
  • From our Cutting Box:   Prune all dead rose buds 3 nodes back, prune all dead flowers including the flower stems, Prune all hedges and topiaries to shape. Prune the Whit Stinkwood to make space and to reclaim light for the Silver Birch.
  • From our feeding Box:    10g Osmocote all pot plants, 10g Bonemeal per rosebush, Kelpack foliar feed Veggie garden.
  • From our special skills Box: Train climber tidily with no stem bundling, Espaliering, Vegetable gardening, Seasonal planting in pots and focal points, perennial planting or garden revamps.  We serve our clients with special installations like wall installations, X Mass installations or just a little something special for every month. We often do small revamps of our own initiative to introduce a new colour of a new vertical feature. Bringing inspiration and a very high quality lifestyle to your household.




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Emmie van der Linde

Arné en haar formidabele span het my tuin in n lushof vir die oog omskep.   My formele tuin is in n lewendige – bewegende tuin verander. Mense stap en kom klop om te hoor wie het die werk gedoen.  Ek het soveel plesier om in my tuin rond te stap en te sien hoe mooi dit steeds word.  Arné en haar span is so kundig en professioneel met die uitvoer van hul werk.  As hul inspring werk hul ongelooflik netjies en vinnig, mens kan sien elkeen in die span is trots op die werk wat hy verrig.  Haar opvolg oproepe en my raadvrae oproepe word altyd met soveel vriendelikheid en raad beantwoord, ek het baie waardering daarvoor.

Ek kan met groot vrymoedigheid Garden Gate aanbeveel vir enige iemand wat hul wil gebruik, dit was en is n plesier om met hul te werk.

Emmie van der Linde


Hanlie van Heerden

When we moved into our new house, we focused on the interior first, but once we were done with it, the bad state of the garden (in fact, the lack of a garden) stood out like a sore thumb.

Arné was referred to us by a landscape architect in our neighbourhood and from the first time that we met with her, it was clear that she is passionate about gardening and creating a space in which to relax in. She came up with a number of great ideas and it took her and her team five working days (from start to finish) to execute her vision. We are over the moon with our beautiful, water wise garden and enjoy spending time in it. At last the exterior is a match for the interior! What a difference a tranquil environment makes to one’s life.

Ronel van Nieuwenhuizen

Ons meenthuis tuintjie is net 60 m2 groot. Soveel te meer moet ons hom haarfyn beplan.  Met klein kinders oppad moes ons maksimum speelruimte behou en natuurlik ons lieflike uitsig.
Arné se ontwerp het ons gewys hoe ons ons tuin uit sy klasieke skoene kan lig om dit in ’n kontemporere leefruimte te verander. Ons was aangemoedig om ’n lieflike DIY projek, lank in beplanning, tot uitvoering te bring. Soms is dit al wat nodig is.

Ons maak gereeld van Garden Gate se spesiale onderhoud gebruik en geniet die gerusstelling dat ons rankers, bome en potte gesond en reg ontwikkel. Die span bied nie net waarde vir ons geld nie maar ook lewenslus en toewyding. Belê gerus in jouself deur hulle te nader.

ML en Jacques Nortier

When we bought our house, the garden was only a space that was filled with plants and although I could see there was opportunity, it took Arne’s vision to change it into a garden that welcomes us and our guests every day.

The GardenGate team added paving, structure, green belts and playful randomness to what was once dreadful, dry and dusty. I really appreciated the fact that Arne worked with my wishes even though she advised that it will lead to extra work from myself in future. But to this day I love my pot and hanging basket wall – it breaks up the huge imposing presence of the house into a fun and playful view.

I loved the fact that Arne and her team gave us a basis on which we can build to make it our own – year after year.
Several neighbours walking past have commented on how lovely the house now appears, and I truly believe that our garden with Arne and her team have turned our house into a glorious statement.

Kathe-Mari Studer

We have a huge garden and very little time. A few years ago, I received a pamphlet in my post box. I was at my wit’s end trying to keep up with the challenges of maintaining a large garden. I met Arné and asked if she and her team would be willing to do maintenance. They come every fortnight and our garden has never looked so beautiful!

There is always something blooming, the hedges are trimmed and the pots always have some colour. They plant, trim, remove old plants, prune and also make sure that the sprinkler system is always in working order. I can recommend her and her wonderful team, any day!

Nic en Carin Els

Na ‘n kort vakansie in Frankryk was ons oorgehaal om ‘n Franse blomtuin in een van die steegies langs ons huis te hê. Die area was toe geplavei met ‘n hele klomp potte waarmee die uitsig uit die kombuis venster verfraai moes word. Arné het ons oortuig om 50% v plaveisel te verwyder. Sy kon die regte plante selekteer en vandag is die koue half skadu tuin is ‘n blommelus. Die regte boom keuse het die nodige privaatheid tussen ons en die bure geskep.

Ons is so tevrede met die bedding dat ons dadelik begin het om Garden Gate se stempel reg rondom ons huis in verskeie fases te laat afdruk.

Die Garden Gate span kom een dag per maand by ons diens om die nodige snoeiwerk en plaagbeheer te doen. Hulle onderhou ook ons besproeiing stelsel. Ons kan hulle aan enige iemand aanbeveel.

Clarissa en Johan Oosthuyse

Baie dankie aan die Garden Gate span vir ons mooi tuin, professionele hulp en vriendelike gesigte. Ons tuin is vir ons ’n vreugde.

Baie dankie!

Veronica en Kruger van der Merwe

We had just finished building our Urban-farm-style house when I saw the Garden Gate Landscaping team working in the garden of a house down the street from us. They designed and installed our new garden in 2014. It was a great success. We enjoy many complements from visitors who see our garden.

Since then we have used Garden Gate’s services to expand the garden and irrigation system. They are the gardeners for us. 

JJ Jansen van Rensburg

We are excited about Garden Gate Landscaping after their participation in the Garden World 2017 Garden Design Spring Festival. They brought inspiration, innovation in their design and clever planting plan.  Their workmanship and work ethics are good and I can sincerely recommend them. Garden World staff all look forward to their future participation in this annual event. All the Best JJ Jansen van Rensburg and the Garden World Team’.

Wilna Loxley-Ford

My garden was at a point where it just looked tired and it needed a facelift. Arne bowled me over with her ideas and suggestions. We made a few changes until we were both happy. Sometimes it is difficult to visualise what its going to look like. This is where the designs come in handy.

Within a week of planning and talking, the team arrived. A mere 4 days later and all was done and dusted. The sprinklers all work again and I look forward to a fresh new Spring garden. Thank you Arne and team!!

Norma en Hedrus van der Merwe

Garden Gate Landscaping was revered to me by a friend. We wanted to upgrade our garden to something more practical. We live outdoors and our patio area was getting to small to entertain our ever growing family. Arné took us on a wonderful design journey to tailor-make the plans for our Patio extension. It took may weeks of deliberation.

That was the first of 4 projects of garden installation that Garden Gate did for us over the last 3 years. I absolutely adore my garden it speaks of my heart. Thank you Garden Gate.

Michele en Rian van Loggerenberg

I am a family friend of Arné and did not think twice of who to call when my husband was ready to have our garden professionally installed. In fact it all came about when Arné made a casual suggestion leaving our house one day after a friendly visit. The Garden Gate team were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We enjoyed it so much we ended revamping the pavement outside our property as well. 


Innocent was born in 1992 to Sophy ‘Mimi’ Mgidi, a domestic worker in Pretoria. They are a family of four children. Innocent attended Phuthumani Primary School and Musa Secondary School in KwaMhlanga, Ndebele tribe, Tshwane. 

After completing Grade 12 he was eager to step into the workplace but he struggled to get work. His friend, Joseph, saw a job opportunity for him at Garden Gate Landscaping and he has been employed by GG since December 2014.

Innocent is a loyal worker and has proven to be teachable and eager to learn. He is steady in his work performance and has mastered every task the team performs. He has learnt to use a grinder, a power drill in all its applications, the lawnmower, brush cutter and chainsaw. Innocent is a very good leader and has been appointed as GG site supervisor. He motivates and leads by example. Innocent is an extremely hard worker. He prefers the hard manual labour tasks and exhibits tremendous pride in the completion of a task. As Madiba has said, ‘It always seems impossible until it is done.’ I believe Innocent took him seriously. He has a very good eye for finishing seamlessly. That is not something that can be taught. He would turn back to rake the last leaf and square the last stone…

  • Botha Lebeya 

Botha was born in 1981 in Tzaneen. He left school in Grade 8 (Mahtomedi Middle School) to enter the workplace. He is married to Agnes and they have three healthy children. They live in Donkerhoek.

Botha’s first job was at Premium Trucking (Renier Reyneke Vervoer), where he was a dispatch assistant. They travelled across the country maintaining the truck and managing smooth delivery. Thereafter he worked at OTT Technology. His job description was Assembly and Upholstery. There he had to work with patterns and manage an assembly table. He acquired a great amount of technical skills in this position. His next employer was N4 Trucking, where he worked in the body workshop and became a skilled metal worker. 

Today Botha is the Garden Gate handyman. He runs the power tools and manages the technical installations, from electrical work to welding to waterproofing. His upholstery experience was very handy during our first artificial lawn installation. Botha is enthusiastic about his work and is always willing to pull his weight as a general worker if that is who the team needs him to be.

  • George Tshabangu 

George was born in 1993 to Frans and Sophy Tshabangu, both pensioners today. He grew up in a large family of five siblings and from the start he was a good team player. 

He finished school and has the best handwriting and spelling skills on the team. He is meticulous with detail and this adds value to our work. George started working at Garden Gate Landscaping in February 2016; here he received on-the-job training and experience in irrigation installation. With a design in hand George supervises the installation. He is a quiet but crucial part of our team, with a keen wit and excellent sense of humour.

  • Paulus Mahlagu 

Paulus was born in 1993. He finished school and entered the work field. He started as a general labourer for a cleaning service and moved on to becoming a shop assistant for an Engen garage. Paulus has a driver’s licence.

 He started working for Garden Gate in May 2016 and excelled as a general labourer, out-performing the whole team. Sometimes he would be running around with the wheelbarrow of soil. Paulus has good communication skills and good reading and writing skills as well. He has a fast understanding and is a great assistant to the task leader. Paulus is quiet during work but in our team building sessions he has often surprised us with his observations and inputs.

  • Napo Mdema 

Napo was born in 1995 to Anna Mukwena and January Mdema. Anna is a domestic worker and January is currently unemployed. Napo finished school at Ziphakamisen Secondary School and did casual work until Bafana Radebe, who plays soccer with him, brought him onto the Garden Gate team in June 2017. Napo completed the GG probation period and was offered a position in January 2018. Being the youngest and newest member, he is still discovering his strengths. He has a very pleasant attitude and enjoys his work. I would like to mention at this point that one would not stay in this team if you did not enjoy working hard. 

  • Bafana Radebe 

Bafana was born in 1993. He grew up with his mother and grandmother and has a sister and brother. After finishing school, he entered the workplace. Bafana always dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player but (fortunately for us) never made the team. He is a strong social soccer player and enjoys the healthy release over weekends. 

Bafana and Joseph Mutimunje were the first two friends who came to help Garden Gate construct its first garden in Pretoria. They immediately made themselves available for future work. On a casual basis they would come to work on the team as the first jobs for family and friends started coming in. They would bring their friends from choir and soccer to come and help when necessary, but for the first year they were the core team. We worked extremely hard. As soon as the work became more frequent, we could afford more hands. That is how Garden Gate Landscaping started. 

Being a soccer enthusiast, Bafana always keeps his body in great shape, and his energy was a great motivation for GG in the difficult early years. He is a keen learner and valued team player. In addition, he is an in-house-trained irrigation specialist, and also leads the team with the chainsaw. We receive top-up training at the Husqvarna workshop every year. 

  • Joseph Mutimunje 

Joseph was born in 1992. He finished school and took casual labour until Garden Gate could offer him a position. As mentioned in Bafana’s CV, Joseph helped GG get out of the starting blocks with sheer hard work. Joseph also has good leadership skills. He is bright and fast on the uptake. He has good communication skills and experience in city traffic. In 2016, Joseph was mugged and severely injured. Although he recovered well, he is not as strong as the other team members. He is our driver and fills the gaps with the less strenuous work. His good work ethics shows in his willingness to participate in the labour while taking all the transport responsibility.

  • Sakkie Malaza

Sakkie has a wife and two children. He is a freelance builder and comes onto the team whenever we need him. We would reschedule our building work if it coincides with a building contract he is committed to. He has many years of experience and is known for the fastest hand in the business.

  • Bafana Radebe is our Jack of all trades and a great team player.
  • Innocent Mgidi likes to plan and run all our schedules.
  • George Tshabangu is our man for detail, rhythm and order.
  • Paulus Mahlangu is our gentle all rounder.
  • Botha Labeya understands and operates the power tools and all other handy-man tasks.
  • Joseph Mthimunye is our talented driver who keeps calm at all times.
  • Napo Ndema is a new member to the team. He proves to be hard working and eager to learn.




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 We look forward to opening a Garden Gate with you!


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