Open a new Garden Gate with us and consider the services we offer 

Garden Consultation

Garden Design

Garden Construction

Specialised Maintenance

Garden Consultation

1hour visitation with on the spot discussion about: Plant selection, design ideas to create a theme for the garden and to establish rhythm leading eyes and feet into the garden. Sound advice on all general horticultural practice. For example tree pruning or pest control.

R600/1,5 hour includes a conclusive(max. 500 word) email, capturing the main points of discussion during the meeting for later reverence. Travel time included.

Garden Design

The Garden Design will be to realistic scale dimensions. It will be used to calculate construction cost specified in The construction Phases of the Garden.  The plan will be in 3D and full colour to illustrate the style and dimensional effect of the proposed changes to the landscape.  It could serve as the master Plan whereby the Garden Construction will be executed in several Phases.  This will not include a planting plan.

Minimum rate of R3 000.00 & Includes all services specified in the Design Proses below.

 Design Process
  • First meeting 60 min on site, (Site Plan supplied by Client), or drawn up by GardenGate.
  • Design Questionnaire can be done by email or in person, 30min.
  • Client must supply Design team with 5 inspirational images. We often use websites like: ‘houzz’ and ‘Pinterest’. These images must help to communicate the client’s personal style and the character and functionality of their house and garden to the design team.
  • On site plotting and measurements to include all important landscape elements that are not shown on the provided site plan like trees, paving lines and garden sheds.
  • Second meeting 60 min design proposal discussion.
  • Final Design submission.

Changes after this point will be charged at R275 per hour for redesign and R500 per 60min consultation.

Garden Construction

This is where the real magic happens, seeing the vision coming into being and experiencing it grow around you.

Consultation cost is absorbed in Design cost. The design cost is absorbed in the Construction cost. We can also just say that a construction Project includes the design proses as described earlier in this document.

Every construction contract is tailor made according to the Garden Design. Project budget will be part of the very first discussion as a major design guideline.

Specialised Garden Maintenance

The following rate is a guideline only. Please request a quotation following a consultation.

Guideline Rates are:  R2000 to R3000 labour rate per day for a monthly visit or ……… per day for 2 visits per month. The labour rate excludes the materials used but includes the removal of all organic waste we generate during the day.

Task list for this specialised service: Weeding, composting, fertilising and pruning. Seasonal planting. Pot plant maintenance. Irrigation maintenance. Cleaning. Clearing. Tree pruning to reasonable ht. Small transplants and revamps. Specialised pruning. Our day rate includes the removal of all the organic material we gather during our working day.

For example the team may receive a list of instructions  on a monthly service ass follows:

  • From our Poison Box:   Cypermetrin for all Aggies and Clivia’s, Plant Care for Roses, Viricop all Alloe’s, Insect granules for all Roses, Olive trees and Conifer’s, Khoinor all Citrus, Malathion all White fly infestation and Snail ban the Veggie Garden.
  • From our Cutting Box:   Prune all dead rose buds 3 nodes back, prune all dead flowers including the flower stems, Prune all hedges and topiaries to shape. Prune the Whit Stinkwood to make space and to reclaim light for the Silver Birch.
  • From our feeding Box:    10g Osmocote all pot plants, 10g Bonemeal per rosebush, Kelpack foliar feed Veggie garden.
  • From our special skills Box: Train climber tidily with no stem bundling, Espaliering, Vegetable gardening, Seasonal planting in pots and focal points, perennial planting or garden revamps.  We serve our clients with special installations like wall installations, X Mass installations or just a little something special for every month. We often do small revamps of our own initiative to introduce a new colour of a new vertical feature. Bringing inspiration and a very high quality lifestyle to your household.