Our vision is

to create, construct and maintain the place where man meets nature. As left cannot be without right and north cannot be without south, man cannot be without nature. We understand design. We understand gardening. We understand construction. We want to serve our clients with who we are. We are a complement to our beloved industry.

Our mission is

  • To relate passion through garden design, installation and maintenance
  • To relate our understanding of the basic laws of nature, what we put in is what the garden will give back
  • To relate our training and understanding of gardening that is achieved by training and observation.

 Code of conduct

  • Respectfully, considerate and friendly behaviour towards other people the public, colleagues, employer and clients
  • Respectfully and considerate behaviour towards property or possessions that does not belong to me. 
  • Respectfully and considerate behaviour towards myself and Garden Gate by keeping a clean and neat appearance and always having a enthusiastic approach toward my work.
  • Respectfully adherence to the GG codes of practices as they are listed in the service contract